Home organising and downsizing

We assist you or your Mum and Dad:

  • when it is time to sell the house to downsize to a smaller home, or just get better organised in the home.
  • we will help with the hard-decisions on what to keep and what to let go.

The four steps are:

  1. We help you to establish a checklist to tackle all tasks to reduce the “overwhelm”.
  2. We will support you to sort through possessions, identify items of value to keep and items no-longer needed or wanted.
  3. We can create inviting spaces for you to enjoy or that will help to sell your home.
  4. We will follow-up with a visit to ensure you are maintaining your new habits.

Pricing and Packages

A reason for every Season - $300.00

Each season brings it’s own special magic.

Spring and autumn are great times to declutter, summer and winter great time to get organised.

Ideal for small spaces like the pantry, bathroom or a bedroom and or your wardrobe.

Includes 2x visits of 2 hours each of decluttering and organising, and a Toolkit.

Enough is Enough - $450.00

This package is ideal for those irritating decluttering projects like the kitchen or the lounge, or bigger projects like the garage. 

And you just want it done and dusted quickly.

Includes 5 hours of hands on decluttering and organising with follow-up phone calls and a visit.

Now is the Time - $830.00

This package is ideal for preparation for selling the home, and or downsizing.

A very popular package for this size project.

Includes a total of 10 hours, usually 5x visits of 2 hours, or if you are brave 2 days of 5 hours each, and regular follow-up phone calls.

By the hour - $80.00

To just get you started, or to just finish off – and would like some advice, with a toolkit.

Need to customise to your needs, let’s have a chat, contact us


  • All prices include GST.

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To contact us, please fill in the form below.

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